How To Get 1 Million Visitors To Your Website For FREE

Hello, Dear Visitors
To day I am going to share with you several sites that will actually send you a
total of 1 Million visitors to the site of your choice for free!
You simply need to follow each sites instructions to claim you free traffic.
So…Let’s begin!
Note: At the time that I am writing this report, all the sites below are giving away
real free traffic. As with everything, these free offers could be gone tomorrow!

So…If a traffic source below free traffic offer is no longer available, simply move
on to the next one on the list.

Quick Tip – Use the traffic you get from these sources to send traffic to your squeeze
page. Sending this traffic straight to a sales page will probably not result into any sales.
People rarely buy from a sales page if they have no prior relationship with you. You
need to first build a relationship with your traffic before you try to sell them anything!

Free Traffic Source #1 – Get 1000 Free Visitors From “3 In 1 Traffic USA”

3 In 1 Traffic USA is a site that sells traffic. However, there is a loophole that will allow
you to get 1000 visitors from them for free. You simply need to place their banner on
your site and they will send 1000 USA visitors to your site for free!

Free Traffic Source #2 – Get 5000 Free Visitors From Max Visits

Maxvisits will send 5000 visitors to your site for free if you simply write a blog post or
mention their site on website/blog.

Free Traffic Source #3 – Get 5000 Free Visitor From Internet Traffic Service

Internet Traffic Service offers a 7 day free trial. During the 7 day free trial you will
receive 5000 free visitors without paying a dime. If you chose to continue using their
service, it will only cost you $5 a month for 500 – 1000 visitors a day!

Free Traffic Source #4 – Get 10,000 Free Visitors From Grow Traffic.

Grow Traffic’s free traffic is similar to Max Visits free offer. You simply need to mention
them on your website/blog and they will send you 10,000 Visitors for free!

Free Traffic Source #5 – Get 50,000 Free Visitors From World Profit Associate

This free traffic strategy is 100% free and it requires very little effort.

Here are the only requirements:

1. Watch a 16 minute video! 
2. Return to the site I will discuss in this tutorial every three days! 
That’s It!

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Join for free HERE (open in a new window)

Step 2: Log into your account with the username and password sent to you.

Step 3: Scroll down the page and click on the link on left hand side that reads “Goody Bag”

Step 4 : When you click that reads “Goody Bag” a new menu will appear. Scroll down
the menu and click on the link that reads “50,000 Free Visitors”.

Step 5: After you click on the link that reads “50,000 Free Visitors”, it will then tell
you to watch a 16 minutes video to activate your 50,000 free visitors. Watch the
video and then click on “Goody Bag” and “50,000 Free Visitors” again.
Then just write a headline and put in your website URL!
That’s it!

Ps. Remember. You will need login to your account at least every three days to keep
your account active and be eligible to continue to receive your free 50,000 free visitors!

There you have it! If you use all 5 free traffic sources I listed here then you will receive a total of
1 Million free visitors in the next 30 days!
All the best.