How To Make Money Online With URL Shortening Site

Make Money playing with Link shortening on Shortest


Using and earning from the method shared here can’t make you rich, but you’re going to start making a complementary income online at the end of every month.

There are several ways to make money on Facebook, and other social media channels. While it’s very easy for celebs and other people who have huge followers on social media to monetize their accounts, upcoming people need extra work to get something substantial from their activities online.

You’ve and read more a million times that you can make money online through blogging, selling e-books and other digital materials, or offering services as it’s obtainable on Fiverr.

But here, I’ll share with you how you make money from sharing links with your friends and followers on social media or on blog. It’s easier for folks who already have blogs to make money from this service, but those who don’t have blog or website can also use the short links to make some dollars online. Making $30 or more per month without a blog would be cool.

One good thing about making money through sharing of link include

It supports non-bloggers
It supports bloggers who join the affiliate programme
Multiple withdraw options – Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer.
Ads are always of high quality. No sensitive ads.
Payment threshold is $5 for PayPal and Webmoney, and $20 for Payoneer.
Before I share with you how to start making some money online right away, what’s and how does it pay its members for sharing links? is an European based link shortening tool that allows you to shorten any link and then pays you for each visit that you get on your shortened link. is one of the fast growing and high paying shortening forms you can find around. There are more than ten of them out there, but I’m going to introduce to you because I’ve tried it and I got my first payout last month. That’s why it’s coming up under Infobase product Review.
Let’s take it one after the other.

How to make money from if you don’t have blog

If you don’t have a blog, but you spend good time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels you can use these tips to start monitising your social media efforts.
Sign up on Shorte website
Join large active Facebook Groups and start posting interesting offers.
NOTE: Facebook doesn’t allow sharing of links anymore, but you’d know how to post it so that Facebook doesn’t tag your link as a spam.
Whenever you see any useful news or links you want to share with your friends, don’t share it right away.
Copy the link, and sign in to your dashboard paste the copy to shorten it, copy the shortened link and share it with your friends on any medium you’re used to.
Use catchy descriptions and captions to get the best out of your clicks.
How to share it on Facebook:
Let’s assume your link is to share it on Facebook so that it passes Spam Test, put space in between join and shorte, put another space between shorte and dot com to have something like this: and tell your prospective users where you’ve put spaces and instruct them to close the spaces when they copied it on any browser of their choice.
That’s all, you start making money when your link is clicked
If your link is HOT and Attention-grabbing, your account is credited each time it’s clicked.
You can earn $5 to $10 per day, depending on how proactive you’re.
You’d be paid when you reach $5 (if you have PayPal account, Nigerians and some nationals can’t receive fund in their PayPal account at the moment, and $20 is the minimum payout threshold for Payoneer account).
Payoneer is suitable for those whose PayPal can’t receive payment.
Payoneer is very easy to set up.
How to set up your mode of payment
When you reach your payout threshold, login to your shorte account, click on Settings to choose payoneer as your mode of payment.
This isn’t limited to social media; you can also share your shortened links on messaging apps like WhatsApp, and Telegraph.
All you need do is to shorten the link on your dashboard copy it and share it with fans, and you start making some money.
Since everyone can’t be a blogger, start making money using the above money making method.
And in case you want to set up your blog you can do so by yourself, if you want a professional one, shoot me a mail or call +2348065277758
How bloggers can make money from URL service
Now for bloggers, the method is a little bit tricky, if you shortened your own link and share with people out there, you’re likely to deter them, so it’s advisable to only join the referral programme and share your affiliate link in your review like it’s done here.
It’s been detected that if you have a good traffic from 1st tier countries like Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, you can earn up to 10$ in a day.
Join the affiliate programme, and chose from the available banners and share on your blog posts to start making money right away.
Note: It could be annoying to share your own post URL and then share on your Blog Page, it could turn off your fans if what they see all the time they want to read your blog post is Ads.
So, I highly recommend the Affiliate Programme.
Start maximizing your income through your blogs and websites.

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