How To Make More Money With DollarUpload #2 Pay Per Download Website

DollarUpload Best PPD Pay Per Download Sites/Networks - Make Money Uploading Files

There are tons of ways through which you can utilize your time online by making money via different strategies. There were various examples that we shared before such as Top 3 Get Paid To Sites To Make Instant Cash Online or Top 5 Sites That Pay You To Upload Files!.

 The previous websites that we shared that pay you to upload files, pay out relevantly low compared to DollarUpload that we're about to review in a moment. Basically these all 'get paid to upload files' websites allow you to make an account (profile) and you start uploading various files. That may be an eBook, random files, music files, or about anything on your harddisk. You then go on to share those files with in your social circle so that more and more people get to see them.


The more downloads you get, the more you get paid. DollarUploads pays out pretty open heartily compared to its competitors, i.e 1-20$ for each download that you get.

Make money from any web content with the highest payouts in the industry. You can lock portions of your website,files, or links from view, requiring visitors to complete a short offer from one of our advertisers in order to gain access. You get paid for every offer completed

 Which files to promote to attract most downloads?

 You would want to add such files to your DollarUpload profile that would attract as many people as it could just due to the type of files they are. Imagine no body would search for your school sample worksheet, instead many of them would go for a viral video that you would upload to your profile.

The idea of viral content totally applies here too. You could upload most popular eBooks, videos, keyGens, program keys, any useful torrent files etc.

Where to promote your files and links?

#1 Put your DollarUpload files on torrent

You can zip a password protected zip file that would be accompanied with a download link of your DolllarUpload file. When the person would download that file from your torrent file, he would then see a readme.txt file with in it saying, that to get the password, you got to download the file via your DollarUpload link.

If the file would be really interesting, the person will surely download it again from your profile and thus generating revenue for you.

#2 Posting to Download section of forums

There various forums that have highly active download sections that are solely there to provide files to their peers. You could promote your download files there too.

#3 Youtube works great 

YouTube is turning out to be a search engine in its own regard. You could put on videos related to your downloadable files with a download link in the description. Dont forget to mention that its FREE. People love to get Free products.

Choose great titles for your YouTube videos that would pull in a decent traffic.

The idea of uploading file to DollarUpload is pretty much the same as of rapidshare. You are paid to upload great content (that are downloadable files) to their servers.

How to start?

There are 3 simple steps involved. Signup >> Upload >> Earn smile

dollarupload signup

How much would you earn?

You would earn any where between 1-30$ for your each download that you get. Though, its not always the case. People are also getting around 30 cents for their downloads. So you could sketch a rough idea of around .3$ to 30$.

How are you paid?

downloadable file money dollaruploadDollarUpload offers a wide range of payment modes. You are paid via: 

Paypal,Payza(Alertpay),PayQuicker, SolidTrustPay, Check, Direct Deposit(U.S.), Wire Transfer(intl), and our DollarUpload Debit Card (Payoneer).

 Payments are made after 15 days of each month and you can checkout for 10$ in your account. 

How can you use DollarUpload to make money with your Blog?

 This seems pretty interesting. Though i would cover this up in my future post, though just to share a general idea, you could offer eBooks, various files, template etc on your blog for your readers. There are 2 advantages you can get.

You could re-direct your followers to your social media profiles (Facebook/Twitter etc) download section. Once they follow/like your social profiles, only then your download link is made accessible to them.

Then once they download that file from your DollarUpload profile, you could earn cash too! Thats indeed a great strategy to utilize your audience and likewise provide free giveaways to them.

Signup Now!

make cash with dollarupload Go to DollarUpload  Register page to get your self started. This is indeed an amazing opportunity that you don't want to miss at all. I would be sharing my experience with the company in future InshaAllah and how successful it went for us.

Peace out guys!.


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